ENVISIONING KNOWLEDGE - The Knowledge Society and the New Media
International Conference, 20. and 21. September 2001
Knowledge is our most important resource. In the future, our society’s prosperity and ability to compete will be dependant on how we sort, assess, communicate and utilize knowledge. The new media are important tools for doing just that. They have quickly and radically changed the traditional methods of acquiring knowledge via texts and books. The new tools for data visualization have caused a paradigm shift from a text-based to an image-based processing of knowledge.

The Academy's 6th International Congress examined how this paradigm shift affects science, the economy and educatio and how society will deal with this quantum leap in the communication of knowledge.

Among the speakers were such well known persons as the brain researchers Semir Zeki and Franzisco Varela, Tomasio Poggio and Luc Steels - artificial intelligence, the literary W.J.T. Mitchell, Roy Pea and William J. Clancey - cognition science, the software developer Ramana Rao and the multimedia designer Bob Greenberg, Luyen Chou and Marney Morris. 

  Thinking Digitally: The Impact of new Information Technology on Teaching and Learning
  Digital Technology and Educational Change: A Software-Designer's Vision
  Application-oriented Systems of Visualization and practical Knowledge. Examples from the NASA's Haughton-Mars Expedition
  Advertising and Poetry: The Role of Knowledge in Market Leadership
  3 D-Visualization and Scientific Research: Visions on Human/Machine-Interaction in the Medical Sciences
  The Role of Information Architecture, Interactivity, and Networking for the digital Creation of Knowledge
  Productive Knowledge. Knowledge Management in Learning Business Organizations
  Envisioning Information: Imagination and Simulation
  Immediacy, Art & People: How to build an intuitive Interface
  The Work of Art in the Age of Biocybernetic Reproduction. Imaging Technologies, and their Relation to the Emergence of the Life Sciences and Biogenetic Engineering as dominant Paradigms
  SprocketWorks: Practical Knowledge Design
  The Knowledge Metabolism: Outlines of a new Management Paradigm
  Business Models of the Information Age: Trends in the Development of Company and Business Processes, Customer Relations and Services
  Interactivity and Acceptance: The Role of the New Media in financial Services
  The new Knowledge Society: Seeing - saying - doing. Introduction to the conference
  How the Brain might work: The Role of Learning in the Science of understanding and replicating Intelligence
  Network Logistics: Building intelligent Communication and Transportation Companies for the next Millennium
  Conquering the last Yard: Intelligent Navigation-Tools are providing easy ways of working with large Amounts of Data
  Intelligent Agents: The Importance of Context and Language for the Replication of Intelligence
  Reclaiming Cognition: Four Batons for the Future of Knowledge
  Color, Form, Movement: On the Acquisition of Visual Knowledge of the Brain

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